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For years, you've awaited the arrival of what promised to be the hottest it strategic space combat. Which, in all honesty, was a glorified dual-stick shooter with extra work involved. Deadline after deadline has been missed, with intermittent promises as to its eventual full release trickling out from its producer.






But it's the next best thing, I'd wager. A quick-ish, multi-ending Twine game looking at what it's like to talk a big game but never deliver. An exploration of trying to cover up one's mistakes rather than trying to fix or learn from them. Perhaps something of a digital diss track, but whatever. It's (mostly) in good fun.

(Threw it up as a download instead of play-in-browser because some of the passages are pretty hefty, and scrolling didn't seem to work. Works fine if you just open the index.html in a browser manually, though.)


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